Final touches on the new album

Forsaken has been in the studio again with super hick-hop producer Jon Connor and partner David Ray working on the new album, along with a follow up music video for his recent release "Country to the Bone".

With the release of Jon Conner's "Producer's Soundtrack All My Rowdy Friends Vol. 1", Forsaken will release a featured song and video off the album titled Err'body in the Mud.

Also Forsaken is in the process of booking a tour to help promote "Country to the Bone" and get out and meet all you guys. If Interested email


Forsaken November 23, 2015 @10:31 am
Yea you Got The Right Page! Thanks For Checking us out.
kari July 26, 2015 @02:09 pm
If i have the right group. You were atreverb last night. And i love the one song ypu deciatated to your grandpop and want to know how i could hear it again...

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